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Terry Farrell

Terry Farrell starred for six seasons as Lt. Jadzia Dax on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine". Her character was a trill, a humanoid body combined with a worm like creature, resulting in a character who has had many lives, but maintained the same soul. In a previous "life", she was a friend and mentor to her new commanding officer, Benjamin Sisko. Star Trek writers initially attempted to bring an intriguing romantic situation to the show by having the two have a love affair, but producers nixed the idea and Jadzia was left on her own. Terry Farrell
A titillating episode happened later in the show, when a former spouse in a previous life appeared on the show, also as a female. It provided a pretty risqué "lesbian" kiss between the two actresses.
Terry Farrell Terry had a successful modelling career before she won her "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" role. In one memorable modelling session she bared all (and I mean all) in a see through fishnet outfit. Her black pubes are visible in addition to her light brown nipples. Pictures of this are a main attraction on this site.
She also had a minor topless scene in "Hellraiser III" as well as other sexy, but non nude, modelling jobs. Pictures from these are also available on this site. Now that Terry's run on Deep Space Nine has ended, she is free to do more nude scenes in her career. Hopefully, she'll make that choice. For now, enjoy what we have inside.
There are a total of 146 pictures of Terry Farrell on this site, including 4 nude pictures (breasts, buns, and lower frontal nudity), 7 bathing suit pictures, and 135 assorted sexy pictures.


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