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Nicole DeBoer

Nicole DeBoer played Ezri Dax, the young neurotic new body for the Dax character, on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. She joined the series in its final season, so there wasn't much room to explore her character. She began as a psychologist who got space-sick all the time, but by the end of the year the writers had pretty much just given up trying to give her character any distinctiveness and had her assuming the role of science officer on the bridge.
Nicole didn't get much of a chance to show off her figure on the show, but in one memorable episode, she is seen in just a skimpy cocktail waitress outfit. In another episode, the "evil" Ezri from the parallel universe has a lesbian affair with the Evil Kira. So much for family entertainment. Pictures are available on this site. Nicole DeBoer
Nicole DeBoer Nicole's movie career provided a bit more skin, but not much. She has yet to do an all out nude scene, but she has been scene in her undies in several movies, most notably in her bra in "Prom Night IV". Of course, pictures from this movie as well as many other of Nicole's movie roles are available on this site.
There are a total of  395 pictures of Nicole DeBoer on this site, including 7 underwear shots (bra and nightgown) and 388 assorted sexy pictures.


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