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Nana Visitor

Nana Visitor has played Major (now Colonel) Kira Nuris on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" for seven seasons now. The tough character is Bajoran, a race that were enslaved for hundreds of years and recently freed. She, like others of her race, hold a grudge against the oppressive Cardassians. Unfortunately, this "tough" character doesn't allow her to show her more sensual side. In a memorable episode, however, the evil Kira from a parallel universe is seen naked getting out of a tub. While all the good parts are covered, she manages to show some slight skin. Sexy pictures from the show are available on this site. Nana Visitor
Nana Visitor Nana was an accomplished dancer before joining the cast. While she has never done a "true" nude scene (and probably never will), she has shown a little skin. She posed in tight leotards, revealing her great dancer-toned legs all the way up to her buns. In another ad, she is wearing even less, giving viewers a glimpse of a portion of her bare buns. Pictures of both are available on this site
While viewers will probably never be able to get a glimpse of Nana's nipples or pubic hair, there are still many sexy pictures of the actress that are available for viewing.
There are a total of 66 pictures of Nana Visitor on this site, including 5 underwear pictures, and 61 assorted sexy pictures.


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