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Michelle Forbes

Michelle Forbes played Ensign Ro Laren, the tough (and demoted) helm officer in seasons 4 through 6 of "Star Trek: The Next Generation". Her character has gotten into trouble numerous times for breaking the rules, but Capt. Picard agrees to take a chance on her. The character wasn't given much to do, so in the 6th season Michelle left the show, with her character leaving the Enterprise and joining the Maquis. Michelle Forbes
Michelle Forbes Part of what made Michelle so eager to leave the show was her successful movie career. She starred in numerous independent and critically acclaimed films, including "Kalifornia", with then-relative unknowns David Duchovney and Brad Pitt. In one scene, she undresses in front of a mirror, showing her body in a black bra and panties. Later, David Duchovney seduces her in bed, and while she is wearing a bra, surprisingly reveals she is not wearing a bottom, flashing her pubes before Duchovney screws her. Pictures from this movie and more are available on this site.
Since leaving the show, Michelle has made a fair name for herself in TV and movies, most recently landing a starring role on the NBC series "Homicide: Life on the Street".
There are a total of  21 pictures of Michelle Forbes on this site, including 2 nude pictures (lower frontal nudity), 7 underwear pictures (bra and panties), and 12 assorted sexy pictures.


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