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Denise Crosby

Denise Crosby played Lt. Tasha Yar, the touch security officer on the first season of "Star Trek: The Next Generation". Although her character was killed at the end of the first season, Denise made quite an impression, returning to the show in several different guest appearances, some as her old character and some as the Romulan daughter, Sela, of her old character. Denise's character was never really given time to develop, but she was made into a romantic interest for the android Data in one eventful episode, and actually sleeps with him Denise Crosby
Denise Crosby Its not clear exactly why she left the show, but the consensus is that she was kicked off after agreeing to pose nude for Playboy. Her career since has been chock full of nude scenes, as she has been more than willing to bare all in just about every movie she has done. She has also appeared in the dirty Showtime series "Red Shoe Diaries", as a cop who seduces a suspect. Needless to say, her assets are visible for most of the episode.
Denise is one of the few Star Trek actresses who can be counted on to do lots of nude scenes in the future. There are a total of 31 pictures of Denise Crosby on this site, including 14 nude pictures (topless, bare buns, and full frontal nudity), 14 underwear pictures, and 3 assorted sexy pictures.


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